Lawyer - The Most Important Questions To Ask

There are many questions you need to ask before selecting the right San Antonio lawyer to represent you. Should you just go with whomever has the most commercials? Can you trust the lawyer who claims to have gotten millions for their clients?

There are two most important questions to ask before signing a contract for representation with a lawyer:

  1. If there are not enough funds from the settlement proceeds, will you reduce your attorney fees so we both get the same amount?

    Lawyers typically charge 33% of the settlement proceeds as their fee. By far, most law firms will not reduce their fees for their clients. Medical costs and other fees are taken out of the client's end. We see too many cases where the law firm will get $5,000 and the client will end up getting only $500. Your lawyer should never get more than you.

  2. How many jury trials have you tried? Were any of them similar to my case?

    Very few attorneys try cases. This is important because if your attorney does not try cases, they allow the insurance companies to dictate the settlement amounts. If you have a successful trial attorney with proven jury trial results, your attorney dictates to the insurance companies the settlement amount.

  3. Have you tried at least 50 or more trials?

    Why hire a San Antonio attorney who does not know how to go to trial? Its like the Spurs passing on Tim Duncan or David Robinson for the NBA finals. If you had no other choice, you could take a chance on a rookie lawyer who doesn't go to trial. But you have a proven veteran on your side, with the championship rings to back up his work. Its a no-brainer.

Verdict Search, in their September 2011 report, ranked San Antonio Attorney David L. Sanchez 4th in the state of Texas in plaintiff trial victories. Most lawyers in San Antonio are never ranked at all. You have a chance to hire the best in personal injury representation. Its a fact.