Construction Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

Many construction workers incur serious disability and career-ending injuries on the job. Among the skilled construction trades, framers, foundation workers, and those involved in exterior construction suffered the highest rates of injury.

Back injuries are the most frequently occurring injuries on construction sites. Arms, legs, and hands are the next most frequent kinds of injuries. Falls are the greatest cause of deaths on construction sites.

The chief causes of construction site injuries and death are unsafe work practices and unsafe work site conditions. These most often are caused by employers’ failure to comply with federal and state mandated safety practices, failure to provide adequate safety equipment such as scaffolding, safety harnesses and fall protection devices, failure to provide safe and properly functioning tools and machinery, use of worn and failing cables, and trenches that have not been properly graded and shored. Excessive work schedules without adequate rest breaks and work in inclement weather and poor visibility also increase the risks workers face.